Can you use chlorine bleach to shock a pool to kill algae?

Answer Household chlorine bleach can be used to shock a pool and kill algae. However, this has potentially harmful effects on the environment because the water will eventually be discharged into public wa... Read More »

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How to Kill Pool Algae With Bleach?

Bleach is a cheaper way to kill algae in a pool than branded pool chemicals. The active ingredient in household bleach is chlorine, the same main ingredient found in pool products designed to chlor... Read More »

What pool salt chlorinator system is better - polaris which requires some chlorine and shock treatment or the ultrapure turbo shock ozone generators that supposedly do not require any shock ever?

Answer Of the two I would recommend the Polaris system. Don't go for gadgets and feature, go for a simple reliable unit. Polaris will use more dependable, attainable parts.Up to a short time ago I ... Read More »

Why can't you use household bleach to shock the pool since it has the same active ingredient as the stuff at the pool place sodium hyptaclorite?

Answer Because bleach is only 5% sodium hyptochlorite, while the chlorine you buy at the pool store is about 96%. Answer well household bleach is 3 to 6% sodium hypochlorite, The pool stuff is 10.5... Read More »

How much chlorine do you need to shock a pool?

Shocking a swimming pool means treating it with a larger than usual amount of an oxidizing chemical like chlorine in order to destroy contaminants, including algae and bacteria. Generally, you must... Read More »