Can you use browning dishes in a conventional oven?

Answer On One Hand: No, You Can'tYou should not use a microwave browning dish in a conventional oven, according to Microwave Cooking for One. The bottom of the browning dish is a tin oxide specifically de... Read More »

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Can you put dishwasher and microwave safe dishes in a conventional oven?

Technically you could put them in the oven, but if you are planning to turn the oven on, I wouldn't recommend it. If the dishes are plastic, as most dishes labeled 'dishwasher and microwave safe' ... Read More »

How to Replace a Browning Bulb in an Advantium Oven?

GE's Advantium ovens use a combination of heating and browning elements to cook your food very quickly with ample browning and less risk of foods drying out or burning. The traditional browning hea... Read More »

How does a conventional oven work?

Conventional ovens have been helping homeowners prepare meals for many years. Whether you are looking for a new oven or are developing an interest in cooking, it helps to know how a conventional ov... Read More »

What is a circotherm oven and is it better than conventional ovens?

Try vacuuming out the back and underneath...give it 24 hours and see if it starts cooling..