Can you use bleach to clean baby bottles?

Answer no, never! Use hot soapy water then rinse them in warm water.

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How do I clean baby bottles with milk odor?

Initial WashThoroughly rinse out any remaining milk remnants from the baby bottle tube with hot tap water. Separate the nipple collar and the nipple, and rinse thoroughly in hot water. Wash and rin... Read More »

What engraving machine can engrave on baby bottles&baby pacifiers?

A simple Dremel tool, fitted with an engraving tip designed for home use, will allow you to engrave on a plastic baby bottle or pacifier. The company also makes special engraving kits which are des... Read More »

Who was the baby on the Gerber baby food bottles?

The baby who appeared on the Gerber baby food bottles was Ann Cook of Westport, Conn. Her image started appearing on the jars in 1928. Cook was approximately 4 months old in that famous Gerber imag... Read More »

How do you buy BPA free baby bottles?

Nuby bottles and baby products are by far the best. Nuby baby bottles are not only BPA-free, but are also PVC and Phthalate free.PVC is polyvinyl carbonate and is more commonly known as just "vinyl... Read More »