Can you use bee wax to retwist your dreads?

Answer On One Hand: Beeswax is Used in Many Dreadlock Wax ProductsAccording to dreadlock professionals like, beeswax is a main ingredient of their pomade used to lock dreadlocks. Manufacture... Read More »

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How to Retwist Dreads?

No one has the same hair, therefore everyone's dreadlocks tend to grow a bit differently. While some people are lucky enough to have dreads which simply grow by themselves, others will have to twis... Read More »

How to Retwist Men's Dreads?

As dreadlocks begin to grow out, the hair at the roots may not automatically dread itself. Often, after a period of growth, dreadlocks must be retwisted in order to maintain a neat appearance from ... Read More »

How to Retwist Dreads Yourself?

Dreadlocking is a hair style that involves twisting small pieces of hair until they begin to lock or fuse together and form what is known as a dreadlock. This style is most commonly used by people... Read More »

How to Retwist Dreads After Washing?

An undesirable side effect of washing your dreads is that it may become loose or fuzzy. It isn't hard to retwist or re-dread your locks, but it can be time-consuming, depending on how many locks yo... Read More »