Can you use baking soda to "bleach" your teeth?

Answer Well I can tell you this much about it, my mom is 72 and uses it every day. Yep she brushes her teeth everyday with it and has for years. She has pretty white teeth as well. Not only does it whiten... Read More »

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How to Bleach Teeth With Peroxide & Baking Soda?

Using baking soda and hydrogen peroxide is a cost-effective way of bleaching your teeth. Teeth discoloration is commonly caused by everyday foods like coffee and chocolate, as well as by natural ag... Read More »

Does brushing your teeth with baking soda actually whiten your teeth If so, how often do you have to use it?

If you are wanting a low cost way of whitening your teeth try this 2-3 times a week....1st- brush your teeth with salt. moisten your toothbrush and put salt in your hand and dab your toothbrush int... Read More »

How to Use Baking Soda to Make Your Teeth Whiter?

There are many expensive and complicated ways to whiten your teeth, most involving the professional services of a dentist. While these methods can be effective for improving the brightness of your ... Read More »

Is brushing with baking soda bad for your teeth?

no its not, it is very good for your teeth and will help whiten them :)