Can you use baby shampoo on your puppy?

Answer No. I used to work in an animal hospital bathing dogs and this is what we were told: Because baby shampoo is very gentle on the eyes, many people assume that it is also gentle on the skin. Babies ... Read More »

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Is it okay to bathe a puppy with baby shampoo?

On One Hand: Baby Shampoo Can Irritate Animal SkinPuppies need a shampoo specially made for their coat type and skin. Shampoos made for humans--even gentle ones such as baby shampoo--can sap oils f... Read More »

How to Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover From Baby Shampoo and Baby Oil?

While waterproof makeup is great when it's raining outside or when you might be sweating, taking it off at night can be a challenge. Washing your face alone typically won't remove it, and eye makeu... Read More »

Uses for Baby Shampoo?

While baby shampoo has always been the tried-and-true method for no-tears bathing of children, it is amazing how many other ways it can be used. For the frugal shopper or for a household emergency,... Read More »

Can I use a baby playpen for my puppy?

On One Hand: Good OptionPuppies are usually relatively small, and a playpen will provide more room than a kennel when the puppy cannot be free to run around a house or yard. Most playpens are of a ... Read More »