Can you use any thermometer to cook?

Answer No. It can't get to the temperature you need and is not long enough to get into the melted chocolate to measure the temperature without you getting burned. If it's glass it will likely break and if... Read More »

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Does the meat thermometer stay in while you cook?

When using a regular, non-digital meat thermometer, you typically leave the thermometer in the meat while it cooks. A digital meat thermometer reads the temperature instantly when inserted into the... Read More »

To what degree on a candy thermometer should I cook fudge?

Fudge should be cooked to the soft-ball stage, which occurs at 235 to 240 degrees F. At this stage, dropping a small amount of the candy into cold water will render a soft, flexible ball. The ball ... Read More »

Does a forehead thermometer read higher or lower than a rectal thermometer on a 2 month old baby?

At all ages rectal temperature is higher than skin temperature.

Does a candy thermometer&a meat thermometer measure temperatures in the same increments?

No. Dial or standard candy thermometers often have one- to five-degree increments due to the specificity of temperatures required in candy making. Meat thermometers generally range between five- an... Read More »