Can you use any kind of ac adapter for a garmin 255w?

Answer The built-in battery and your vehicle's cigarette lighter both supply 12-volt DC power to your Garmin nüvi 255W. Therefore, any AC wall adapter you use for the device must also output 12 volts DC... Read More »

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Can the Garmin nuvi 255W be used for geocaching?

You can use the Garmin nuvi 255W for geocaching, but you will need to use third party software to upload way-points to your GPS. According to Garmin, the 255W was not designed for use with the hobb... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between a Garmin 255W and a 255WT GPS?

Garmin nuvi units are portable global positioning system (GPS) devices that are designed primarily for use in a vehicle. The 255W and 255WT models allow users to pinpoint their location and access ... Read More »

Difference Between Garmin 255W and 255WT?

With so many models on the market, choosing a global positioning system unit that's right for you can be a difficult task. Garmin, one of the better-known names in navigational products, has establ... Read More »

How to Change the Background Color on a Garmin 255W GPS?

The Garmin 255W GPS was designed with the option to change the background color of the display. Natural light during daylight hours may make it difficult to read the LCD screen, so a lighter screen... Read More »