Can you use any amp to play Bose speakers?

Answer Speakers and amps do not have to be the same brand, but they must have a compatible power rating and ohm load in order to work together. Any amp capable of producing the power needed at the correct... Read More »

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How to Hookup Bose 901 Speakers to the Bose Lifestyle III System?

Bose stereo systems use a proprietary speaker connection with a special plug and cable unique to the Bose line of audio products. The wires and plugs are attached permanently to the speakers and co... Read More »

Can I use Non Bose speakers with Bose speaker stands?

If its the same set up and the screw holes are aligned right. Probably not, but you can try.

Can you connect Bose speakers& traditional speakers to the same receiver?

On a technical level, you can connect any types of speakers together as long as you do not go below the minimum ohm load. Mixing Bose speakers and traditional speakers is not recommended, but most ... Read More »

Are bose speakers better than sony speakers?

Yes, Bose is the top of the consumer line.