Can you use any HMDI cable in your PlayStation 3?

Answer Because the PlayStation 3 features a standard HDMI output port, regular HDMI cables are sufficient for watching movies in 1080p. This means HDMI cables can be purchased inexpensively costing less t... Read More »

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Will this RCA to HMDI cable make a game console look better on an HDTV?

1- cable not need a composite to hdmi converter .…2- quality will not be high...because your original signal is analog .

Which HDMI cable do I need for the PlayStation 3?

Dozens of manufacturers make HDMI (or High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cables for the PlayStation 3, but any standard 1.3, 1.3a or 1.3b cable will work. The differences among these versions re... Read More »

How do i convert my playstation 3 HDMI cable to Component cables?

You can buy a set of Component Video cables for the playstation 3, it is how I have mine connected.Converting HDMI to component is not simply done with a cable, if you had no Component Video inputs... Read More »

How to Hook Up Playstation 3 Audio With No Optical Cable for Surround Sound?

If you can't use an optical audio cable to connect your Sony PlayStation 3 to your television set or home theater, you still have two additional audio output options that will allow you to transfer... Read More »