Can you use anesthesia while getting piercing?

Answer Sorry but the answer is no. If you are that concerned with the pain maybe you should reconsider the piercing.And IF you could it would make the piercing cost you thousands!!But your question sure... Read More »

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Can you drink alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia?

On One Hand: Generally DiscouragedDrinking alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia is generally discouraged. Drinking the night before means the alcohol will remain in your system the n... Read More »

How to Prepare for Getting a Piercing?

While a piercing is not as permanent a body modification as a tattoo, you should still think it through before deciding to add a new hole. Once you've determined you're ready and you've chosen what... Read More »

Advice on getting a lip piercing?

im 18 and I got mine done 3 weeks ago. Its almost completely painless doing it (its like a lil pinch) but the bad part is your lip welll be like REALLY swollen for a week and it will kinda hurt and... Read More »

Getting a Belly Button Piercing?

I got mine done for Spring Break this year (17 years old). And I was freaking out too-though i have a high pain tolerance. But it really wasnt that bad-just an uncomfortable pressure and a sharp st... Read More »