Can you use an hdtv to view an analog signal?

Answer Yes, HDTVs still have analog 75-ohm inputs (threaded co-ax connector) so you can connect an analog cable or antenna to that input directly. It also contains higher-end inputs such as component, DV... Read More »

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How to Convert an HDTV Signal to an Analog TV Signal?

Analog TVs are not entirely obsolete yet; many families still watch their favorite TV programs on these television sets. The problem is that almost every station has gone digital, and you will need... Read More »

Will an analog TV work with an HDTV signal?

As of June 21, 2009, any person with an analog TV will not receive the digital signal without having a digital converter box hooked up to the analog TV, or without subscribing to satellite TV or ca... Read More »

Does a digital TV signal carry as far as an analog TV signal?

One of the advantages of digital television signals is that they can travel long distances without loss of signal quality. However, digital TV signals do not carry as far as analog TV signals. Anal... Read More »

Does 1080i signal give a sharper picture than 720p signal on an HDTV set?

Well, in my opinion 720p. But, technally speaking, 1080i is the better resloution.The sharpness of picture will be as follows from the sharpest to the least sharp: Watching 1080p signal on a 1080p... Read More »