Can you use an auto GPS for hiking in the woods, as well?

Answer You can use GPS systems that help drivers when you go on a hike. GPS systems often make it easier for hikers to choose between different trail routes, and to stay on the planned track.Source:Hiking... Read More »

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How to Fix Hiking Shoes for Safe and Comfortable Hiking?

If you're a serious hiker, you have probably gone to a lot of effort to purchase great hiking boots. No matter how good your boots are, however, they cannot ensure a foot safe and comfortable hike ... Read More »

Does Amica Insurance offer home insurance as well as auto?

Amica offers auto, home and life insurance. You may be able to ask for a reduced rate if you request a bundle of insurance for your family. You may also be able to buy personal umbrella liability i... Read More »

Who pays for your injury if you were injured in someone else's car but have your own auto insurance as well?

Answer Your own insurance steps up first - they will pay for the claim. Vehicle repairs would be paid by the third party company-car's insurance.

If you cosign an auto loan for someone and that they have an accident and do not have car insurance will you be held responsible as well as the owner?

%REPLIES% Answer YES, you are responsible for anything that concerns the loan you co-signed. Answer In the land of litigation, anyone can sue for almost any reason. However, a lender would require ... Read More »