Can you use an android phone on smarttalk service?

Answer It cost $110 dollars.

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Why doesn't my android phone send texts and phone calls over the internet when its in a dead spot for phone service?

The X8 is a mile ahead of the game here. The Razor is very cheap and tacky and a very badly-rounded phone, whereas the X8 can compete with higher end phones in some areas.

How do you get service on an android phone without paying?

android is a mobile operating system... like symbian, ios it is an open source and is developed by google...

How may I fix "no service" problem on Android phone after I take off the battery?

If all was done right, the no service should only last a few minutes at most.??? Otherwise, bring it to your store where you bought it, and see if they can find the problem...(Please don't say Metr... Read More »

Does the Android tablet need cell phone service?

Cell phone service is not mandatory for an Android Tablet. A Tablet whether Android or Ipad can happily work with Wifi connectivity - if you need to use any internet enabled application.