Can you use an HP printer with a gateway laptop?

Answer YES, most definitely! Simply connect the cable between your Gateway Notebook/Laptop PC and your HP Printer. Depending on the age of the two devices, the older ones used a PARALLEL to PARALLEL cabl... Read More »

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How Do I Do a Fresh Install on a Gateway Laptop With Vista?

Prepare for the ReinstallRemove all discs from the CD drive. Disconnect all USB devices except the mouse and keyboard. Unplug the Ethernet cable. Back up any data, such as photos, documents and ema... Read More »

How do I Undock a Gateway Laptop PC With an on Screen Keyboard?

Docking is a process in which your Gateway laptop interfaces with a larger server or more powerful computer. If you have a Gateway tablet notebook, you can undock the laptop even if you use an on-s... Read More »

Is a HP All-in-one printer compatible with laptops Can a printer be hooked up to a laptop?

Absolutely. I use a HP all in one with my laptop.

Do i have to use a Mac printer with a Mac laptop, or can I use any printer, like a Dell?

Any printer that has software labeled "Mac' compatible...which is most printers!