Can you use almond oil for your hands when your pregnant?

Answer I don't see why not

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How to Get Rid of Dry Hands with Almond Oil?

Treating dry hands requires keeping the moisture in the skin as long as possible. Almond oil is a natural remedy that replenishes moisture to the skin and heals dry, cracked hands. According to Bo... Read More »

Why do pregnant women hands swell?

Because of the excess blood glowing through your body.

Why are you not supposed to lift your hands above your head while pregnant?

Answer This is an old wives tale. You can lift your hands above your head.

Is it normal to have achy joints and bones in your hands when you are pregnant?

%DETAILS% Answer It's can be normal. Your joints and skin, everything are stretching and loosening. That could cause pain. But you should talk to your doctor on your next visit. They may be abl... Read More »