Can you use albuterol in a nebulizer?

Answer Albuterol comes in several forms. An inhaler of albuterol cannot be used with a nebulizer, however, the liquid form of the medication can. It is very important to use the medication only as prescri... Read More »

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Should a child that takes albuterol use a nebulizer?

On One Hand: A Nebulizer is Not Always NeededAlbuterol is commonly administered with the use of a metered-dose inhaler (MDI). For young children, a spacer tube may also be added to insure proper do... Read More »

How to Use a Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a medical device that turns liquid medication into an aerosol or mist, which is then inhaled. There are different types of nebulizers. The most commonly used is a jet nebulizer. A do... Read More »

How to Use an Infant Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are medical devices that are used to convert liquid medication to a mist. The mist is then easily inhaled directly into the lungs through a mouthpiece or mask. Nebulizers are used primar... Read More »

Who invented the nebulizer?

Carl F. Adam invented the pocket-sized nebulizer in 1835. His idea for this medical device resulted in studies of prior inventions that produced similar results. A nebulizer allows liquids--such as... Read More »