Can you use a wok with an electric stove?

Answer If you have a Western type stove, it's recommended to get a flat bottomed wok rather than the traditional curved one. Although a wok ring allows you to balance a normal wok, it is missing the point... Read More »

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Is it safe to warm a kitchen with an electric stove?

Answer Probably not since it was not designed to do that. You can buy a very inexpensive electric heater that will do a better job for about $40.

Witch one is the best a gas stove or a electric stove?

gas, cooks faster and more evenly than electric

Is it electric stove cheaper than gas stove?

Looking for a new electric stove. Should I go with the traditional coils or the glass top type.?

From experience, I can tell you that glass tops are hard to keep clean, and need a special cleaner that is expensive.I can also tell you that conventional pots and pans generally do not work on the... Read More »