Can you use a router with dial-up Internet?

Answer You can use a router for dial-up Internet; however, it must be a specialized router that allows for several computers to plug into it at one time.The purpose of the router is to establish a wireles... Read More »

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How to Get a Router to Work With Dial-Up Internet?

A dial-up connection uses your telephone line to connect to the Internet. You may want to use your router to work with a dial-up service for a wireless connection at your home or work. With this se... Read More »

Will an Internet router work with a dial-up connection?

You can use a router to share a dial-up Internet connection. For example, if you use Windows Internet Connection sharing, you can share a dial-up connection using any off-the-shelf Internet router.... Read More »

Can I get a wireless router for dial-up Internet?

Yes, you can use dial-up Internet with a wireless router, although you will need to connect your dial-up modem to an external wireless router. Note that dial-up Internet is slower than Broadband I... Read More »

How to Get a Router Hooked Up to Dial-Up Internet?

Your router must be properly installed in order for it to connect your computer to the Internet. A router allows your Internet signal to be sent from your modem to be processed by your computer, th... Read More »