Can you use a regular cam corder as a webcam?

Answer about 256 depending on other settings like size.

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Difference between a mac and a regular webcam?

It's just different hardware. Non mac webcams can be just as good if not better. As to the first reply you got it's definitely not true. The hardware is essentially the same quality and Mac really ... Read More »

Can i use a regular video camera as a webcam?

Yes you can via USB!!! If you go to the sony support site & look up your model number. The online manual will tell you how to set it up.

How to Turn a Regular Video Camcorder Into a Webcam?

Most camcorders have some type of video output. This guide will help you determine if this output can be connected to your computer, and if not, how to add the appropriate inputs.

Can my cam corder be a web cam?

I don't see why notconnect your camera up via Firewire and select rec. If you open up messenger, it should show up there.…Canon website was not that helpf... Read More »