Can you use a regular Cassette player as computer storage?

Answer From Microsoft:…However, it's notoriously slow and I'd recommend instead of investing money in many cassette tapes and what not to either buy an external h... Read More »

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Who Invented the Cassette Player?

The first cassette player, the EL 3300, was invented and marketed by Philips Electronics, a company based in the Netherlands. The technology was based on a scaled-down version of reel-to-reel tape ... Read More »

How do I set up my DVD player video cassette recorder?

Setting up a DVD player/video cassette (VHS) recorder is a simple task that often needs to be personalized according to the unit in question and the user's needs. Different player/recorder combos o... Read More »

How to Copy From a Cassette Player to a CD?

Copying from a cassette player to a CD requires the intermediate step of converting the analog recording on the tape into a digital format that can then be burned to a disc. Hooking up the audio ou... Read More »

Why did the boy put the cassette player into the refrigerator?