Can you use a regular 110 v 15A outlet for your refrigerator?

Answer Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz household electricity supplies Yes, but check if the required input voltage of the refrigerator is actually 110 to 120 volts and preferable u... Read More »

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If you bought a house and it didn't have a stove and you have an electric stove and there is an outlet for gas and what appears to be a regular plug how would you know if this is a 240V outlet?

Answers for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz mains suppliesEasy answer: can you plug a toaster into this outlet? If you CAN, it is only for a 120 volts and not suitable to supply power ... Read More »

Can an RV refrigerator be replaced with a regular refrigerator?

RV refrigerators usually have three modes of operation: propane gas, battery power (direct current), and electricity from a land-based hookup. Propane and battery power are used when the RV is not ... Read More »

Outlet not working, no power in refrigerator.?

The above responses are accurate in assuming the over-current device {Breaker/fuse} protecting the circuit has tripped and resetting it or replacing it depending on if it is a breaker or non-resett... Read More »

Can a refrigerator and 120 volt dryer plug in same outlet?

Refrigerator outlet must be separated from any electrical devices. If the outlet is being shared it can cause current shortage and current surge that may damage the internal components of the refri... Read More »