Can you use a printer with the iPad 2?

Answer iPad 2 works with AirPrint printers. These are printers built for your iPad and iPhone but they can print also any other document from any other computer. These printers are all wireless! You can'... Read More »

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HP B110a Printer with ipad?

Try thisStartDevices and printersRight click the printer icon. and select "Set as default printer"If it does not help, you may need to reinstall the printer software

What printer can g with Ipad 4G tablet?

I've just recently bought a very nice printer for my Grandma it's a 'Canon MG5350' it was £90 yes this may seem quite expensive but the rule is normally the more you pay the cheaper the inks, it i... Read More »

Would the iPad 2 Digital AV adapter with hdmi work with the iPad 2 in the keyboard dock?

About 115,000 pics taken with the built-in camera, if you have no music or downloaded apps installed. Everything takes up storage space.

How do you add a printer to iPad 2?

Depends on your interests. I'm a web developer/programmer and programmer more so than a console gamer (though I am still a console gamer) so I'd want an iPad. Xbox's are popular though.