Can you use a notebook/laptop on your knees?

Answer I use my laptop whilst sitting in my favourite armchair and with it sitting on a round toughened glass table in front of me. You can get them quite cheaply and it can be pulled in close so that yo... Read More »

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Does sitting down with your head between your knees help prevent fainting?

yeah it helps me, esp if i can get outside into the fresh air when im feeling faint. Think its because your head is lower than your heart or something like that and fainting is when the blood leave... Read More »

Gardeners or others - Do you prefer gardening on your hands and knees or bent over with your butt in the air.?

I have a 'booty scooter' ..... and I need my 'kneeler' .... the booty scooter gets me around, and the kneeler helps me stand up again if I have a job that really needs me close to the ground...... ... Read More »

How to Strengthen Your Knees?

Your knees are very important for all your daily tasks, but they can be damaged somewhat easily. Here are some tips for taking care of them.

How to Do a Handstand on Your Knees?

This relaxing pseudo-yoga position is healthy and can be done by anyone anywhere. A hand stand on your knees relieves lower back strains and allows a greater volume of air to enter the lungs.