Can you use a hair remover if you have a yeast infection on the skin?

Answer Most hair removal products contain a warning on their label or instructions, advising against using the product on irritated or inflamed skin. It is not advisable to use hair remover on skin with a... Read More »

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Can a man have a yeast infection?

Answer Yes, a man can develop a yeast infection. It is not gender-specific, as your impression may be now due to the number of advertisements targeted at women for yeast infections. Candida (the ... Read More »

I have a yeast infection?

Yes. You can go to the hospital for any health related issue. If it's not an emergency I would maybe just make an appointment on monday with your doctor/gyno. If you don't feel like waiting the wee... Read More »

I think i have a yeast infection?

Hello :).Your mother has been through a lot of things, discharge, menstrual cycle, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, and that itself could make her just as knowledgeable as a doctor. Do not worry at a... Read More »

Can you be pregnant and have a yeast infection?