Can you use a flash drive as a replacement in an old laptop?

Answer On One Hand: A Flash Drive is a Good Replacement.Using a flash drive as a replacement for an internal drive in an old laptop is a good choice, as long as you do not need a significant amount of sto... Read More »

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Can a flash drive be used on a laptop?

According to Wellesley College, a Flash drive is an external portable hard drive capable of connecting to USB ports. As long as the laptop has available USB ports, it is possible to connect a Flash... Read More »

Can a flash drive be installed on an XO laptop?

A flash drive can be installed and used on an XO laptop since the laptop comes with three USB ports. Whether the XO computer has Windows or Linux pre-installed as the operating system, the USB driv... Read More »

Which hard drive replacement is best for a Toshiba Satellite laptop AS305 S1609?

One that fits inside properly. All new 2.5 inch hard drives of any type are the same case size and SATA connection now.

Transfer files from pc to laptop without a flash drive?

Visit to know how the transfer is made through Files and Settings Transfer Wizard and from an old hard drive to new hard drive.-------------------Computer Recover... Read More »