Can you use a digital filter for direct tv?

Answer Look on your bill.

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What are the advantages of direct tv over digital cable?

In my experience, there is no real advantage, aside from a larger selection of channels that you probably won't watch. However, if you want HDTV, Direct TV is probably your best option; it could al... Read More »

Can you hook up both Direct TV& a digital converter box to a TV?

You can connect a Direct TV satellite receiver box and a digital converter box to the same TV as long as you have inputs on your TV for those respective Installi... Read More »

Can a direct tv dish be use for digital tv antenna?

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be an actual song. Its' just a jingle put together for the commercial. Directv responded to an email inquiry about the song saying the information was "not available".

What is direct digital synthesizer technology?

Some electronic signal generators produce waveforms using a method called direct digital synthesis. This involves constructing a signal from a series of digital samples that are stored in the signa... Read More »