Can you use a USB 2.0 expansion port on a USB 1.0 port?

Answer Yes, you can use a USB 2.0 expansion port on a USB 1.0 port. USB 2.0 is backward-compatible with USB 1.0. If you connect the USB 2.0 to a 1.0 port it will transfer data only as fast as the USB 1.0 ... Read More »

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What is an expansion port 2 on a laptop?

An expansion port 2 is a port HP/Compaq laptops use for connecting peripheral devices such as the HP QuickDock or Notebook Expansion Base. It is a uniquely HP/Compaq port. It is not a universal por... Read More »

What is a notebook expansion port?

The notebook expansion port is a slot on the side of the computer that connects to a docking station. A docking station is a small device to which you may connect a laptop, transforming it into a d... Read More »

What does the expansion port on a PS3 Les Paul guitar do?

The expansion port on the PS3 Les Paul guitar controller allows you to connect an effects pedal, which changes the sound of the guitar when you step on it. Every Guitar Hero controller since Xbox 3... Read More »

I have an asus n56vm-tb71 laptop which has a VGA port and an HDMI port. Can I extend to two monitors?

Yes. All you need do is open your graphics properties and set up dual display mode.