Can you use a US credit card to pay for items on Ebay that are priced in Euros?

Answer My guess is that it would depend on the merchant account that is being used. Normally the credit card company would convert from euro's to dollars, but you would have to check with the credit card ... Read More »

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Can i use a business credit card to buy personal items?

On One Hand: The Credit Card Company Won't Stop YouWhen your company issues you a credit card for business expenses, it looks and acts like a standard credit card. From the credit card company's pe... Read More »

Can your household items be seized for credit card debt?

No, household items cannot be seized to make good on credit card debt. Credit card loans are unsecured debt, which means they are backed only by good faith for you to make payments. Secured loans, ... Read More »

How do u stop someone that has stole yur credit card number and is using it to purchase on ebay?

call the credit card company and cancel the card. Tell them it was stolen, you are only responsible for 50 dollars to pay the credit card company, even though the person may have maxed it out

Will a prepaid reloadable credit card work for eBay fees?

You can use a reloadable credit card to pay your eBay seller fees. However, eBay will verify the address connected to the prepaid credit card, so the details associated with the card must match you... Read More »