Can you use a 7.1 A/V receiver with a 6.1 speaker setup?

Answer Almost all home theater receivers can be set to use any combination of speakers, from simple two channel stereo, all the way up to 5.1 channel, 6.1 channel and 7.1 channel surround sound. Check wit... Read More »

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Would a Pioneer SP-PK21BS speaker system work with a RCA model 2280 receiver on an HDTV?

How to Setup the Kbox Pro Digy (FTA Receiver)?

Free-To-Air television is an excellent hobby that will keep you busy with endless hours of entertainment without monthly subscription payments.the Kbox K1 prodigy is one of the most versatile and a... Read More »

What is a general or typical speaker setup 2.1 or 7.1 or 10.1?

I'd go with a 5.1. It come with two front channels, two rear channels, a center channel and a sub. It provides a nice surrounds sound experience with sound coming from all around you.

Will the following speaker setup work . . .?

To clarify, you will be using the analogue outputs of the vantec only and not the optical output.That being the case, the vantec cannot detect what sort of speaker is connected to the output and wi... Read More »