Can you use WiFi on iphone with no sim card?

Answer yes you can

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If wifi and sim card are both available whether iPhone will use WiFi or 3g for web browsing?

hey people my mums iphone is acting strange when somebody calls it only vibrates it doesnt play the ringtone she setted can anyone help???

Can I use wifi only on my iPhone with no sim card?

Yes, you can definitely use Wi Fi on your mobilewithout a sim card. A Wi Fi device only needs a wireless router with internet connection.

Will an iphone WiFi work without a SIM card?

yeah it will my mom dropped hers and the screen cracked soshe got another and got tha simcard put in that one now i just get on myspace with it and play apps when i get bored and dont feel like loo... Read More »

Is there any way that you can get an iPhone on eBay and use is just as an iPod and WiFi internet without a sim card and no calling or texting?

Yes it can be swapped. I actually swapped my razr's sim card to my iphone. Nothing happened. It works perfectly.