Can you use Osteo Bi-Flex with blood pressure meds?

Answer On One Hand: No Serious Reported Side EffectsThe main ingredients of Osteo Bi-Flex are glucosamine HCL, chondroitin sulfate and Boswellia serrata (frankincense). A recent comprehensive study sponso... Read More »

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How low does your blood pressure need to be to get off meds?

It really depends. people who have essential blood pressure can get off from it if they modify their diet and they exercise. My brother was on anti-hypertensives for awhile. he was taken off whe... Read More »

Should I stop my blood pressure meds?

Why don't you go see a Naturopath for a second opinion? It seems like your family doctor has a problem practising individualized medicine.

How do you lower your high blood pressure without meds?

reduce your intake of salt (sodium chloride -common salt ) avoid heated debates, fights and practice yoga to calm you mind. Practice pranayamam ( breathng exercises)Incidentally yoga is not connec... Read More »

Are weight loss pills okay to take with blood pressure meds?

Increased blood pressure is a major side effect of many weight loss pills (both over the counter and prescription), according to If you take medication for high blood pressure, it is n... Read More »