Can you use Jell-o Jiggles molds for soap molds?

Answer While not intended for soap molds, Jell-o Jiggler molds can be used for soap molds. Just make sure if you re-use them to make Jell-o treats that the molds are thoroughly and safely cleaned.Source:K... Read More »

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How to Clean Copper Jell-O Molds?

Copper Jell-O molds need proper cleaning and care for to prevent damage or discoloration. Any type of copper cookware, Jello molds included, scratch easily if washed with an abrasive cloth, scrubbe... Read More »

Can you bake in copper Jell-o molds?

Copper Jell-o molds can be used for baking cakes, bread and chocolate. Some people also like to use them to decorate their walls. To clean them, it is recommended that you hand wash them and dry th... Read More »

How to Remove Jell-O Shapes From Molds?

Properly removing Jell-O from a mold can mean the difference between an impressive, edible creation and a mushy, watery gelatin that won't hold its shape or breaks off and leaves half of itself stu... Read More »

How to Make Soap Molds?

Making soap is a hobby that is both a pleasant diversion and one that can potentially make you money. In order to make soap, however, you must have a mold in which to pour the liquid soap so that i... Read More »