Can you use Gardasil when you have CIN2?

Answer On One Hand: Ineffective for TreatmentAccording to, the vaccination Gardasil is not effective in treating active cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) caused by the human papilloma vir... Read More »

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Can you get gardasil vaccine while you have hpv?

Sure you can. There are numerous strains of HPV. The Gardasil will help with 4 of them. Even if you know that you're currently infected with one of the 4 strains in the Gardasil vaccine, it can sti... Read More »

When can I get pregnant after taking Gardasil?

On One Hand: Unlikely to Harm FetusThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies all drugs according to their potential to harm a fetus. Gardasil's category B classification means it is not exp... Read More »

Does it hurt to have a gardasil shot?

The Gardasil shot hurts worse than almost any other shot I can think of. I got all three rounds of Gardasil last year. I got three other shots at the time of the first Gardasil (flu shot, tetanus s... Read More »

Can you still carry hpv or genital warts if you have the gardasil or hpv vaccine?

The answer is YES. This is because the HPV vaccines only have 2 or 4 HPV strands (2 version of HPV vaccines.) There are many more HPV stands out there.