Can you use Alltel overseas?

Answer Alltel uses Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology in their cellphones. While this technology is used by some cellphone providers in the United States, it is not widely used in the rest of... Read More »

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If you have primary physical custody and joint legal custody can the noncustodial parent stop a child from moving overseas if the parent has been assigned by the Air Force to a station overseas?

Answer i think the real question is whats best for the child which i think is too often not asked - if your job keeps you away from a young child for long periods of time, if its possible you could... Read More »


AllTel has a very good reputation in th wireless world. Customer service is rated higher than most of the big players - with the exception of T-Mobile, and VZW - they are hard to beat.If you would... Read More »

Who started alltel?

Weldon W. Case founded the company that would become Alltel in 1960 when he merged two telephone companies to create Mid-Continent Telephone Corporation, according to In 1... Read More »

Who owns Alltel?

Wireless communication carrier Alltel was bought out in January 2009, by Verizon Wireless. This acquisition catapulted Verizon into the largest wireless provider in the United States with over 83 m... Read More »