Can you use 3G internet on the iphone using any 3G sim card once the iPhone has been unlocked?

Answer You can use an internet service with your 3G provided if you are:1) Using a 3G sim card and have your service activated2) Are in a 3G coverage area3) Are on an internet planFor more information, yo... Read More »

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Does the iPhone still demand internet even though its unlocked?

Yes, a skin is just a sticker. But honestly why would you when the case will cover it up? maybe you want to protect your iPhone i suggest you to buy a leather case,which will protect your... Read More »

Can you put a prepaid sim card in an unlocked iPhone?

In my opinion absolutely not. There are too many great features and amazing things you can do with it for me to explain to you on this website. I suggest to ask a friend that has the iphone if you ... Read More »

Can you use an iphone 4s sim card in any unlocked phone?

You are wanting to buy an unlocked iPhone would it cost to get internet on it?