Can you use 240V single phase power to power 277V fluorescent light fixtures?

Answer No...but you can buy an "autotransformer" that will boost the 220 to 277. Transformers of this kind can be the auto type or isolation type and are available at a much higher cost that it would be ... Read More »

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In the USA how do you wire a refrigerator purchased in Singapore 240V single phase if you understand the 50Hz motor will run faster on 60Hz?

Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hz power supply service. In general the answer has to be: "Not if it has been designed and wired to run only on the 50 Hz mains frequency system th... Read More »

How to Test Fluorescent Light Fixtures?

A fluorescent light is a tube filled with a gas that creates light when electricity is run through it. The ballasts on the sides of the fluorescent tube control the intensity of the electricity tha... Read More »

DIY Hanging Fluorescent Light Fixtures?

A dark space, such as a garage or workroom cries out for fluorescent lighting. Sometimes these spaces have special challenges, because of how they are laid out, or the pitch of the ceiling. Certain... Read More »

How to Remove Fluorescent Light Fixtures?

Fluorescent light fixtures are very energy efficient but not usually considered as decorative as other light fixtures. Removing fluorescent light fixtures can be more complicated than removing trad... Read More »