Can you use 10-40 oil in your Ford Windstar?

Answer On One Hand: It's Not the Recommended WeightFor most temperatures in the United States, 10-30 weight oil is recommended for cars, pickups and minivans, including the Ford Windstar. The 30 stands fo... Read More »

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Ford Windstar Specifications?

Ford introduced the Windstar in 1994 as a 1995 model. According to MSN Autos, it was developed to compete with the Chrysler minivan line-up. The Windstar was the first min-van to achieve a double f... Read More »

How to Put a Belt on a Ford Windstar?

The Ford Windstar uses a serpentine belt to drive its engine accessories, such as the water pump, power steering and alternator. This belt is held in place at the required tension by an automatic t... Read More »

Can a ford windstar tow a car on a trailer?

The Ford Windstar has a 3.8 liter. 6-cylinder engine capable of producing 200 horsepower at 4900 revolutions per minute. The towing capacity of that power output is rated at 3,500 pounds. Check wit... Read More »

How much can a ford windstar tow?

According to the Ford Motor Company, a 2002 Ford Windstar equipped with a 3.8L SPI engine, can pull 2,000 lbs. A Windstar equipped with an SEFI V6 and featuring a Class II towing package can pull 3... Read More »