Can you update a computer that has win98 w/win xp?

Answer I am NOT a computer specialist, but I have some experience, and maybe this reply can help, along with other submissions.My best answer, not knowing the specifications of the Win 98 computer, is "Pr... Read More »

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If you put a Win98 master HD in an XP computer, can you expect it to run smoothly?

No.The OS was installed on a different computer and therefore has different drivers as well as files and folders.Bottom line is that you can not take the hard drive out of one computer and put it i... Read More »

I have a few windows update that failed to install. Would it affect my computer?

Not really no. It won't affect your ability to use the machine at all. They are probably just security updates for something which you are unlikely to ever come across.

I upgraded from Win98 to XP on 450MHz with 256MB RAM computer. Now running slow. Do I need more RAM?

Need more RAM, better CPU, probably need a bigger hard drive too.

Is Win98 DOS the same as Win98 SE?

Computer operating systems contain a separate disc operating system (DOS) component to control memory, hard drives and other computer subsystems. Windows 98 was released in 1998 and followed by Win... Read More »