Can you unjail break an iPod touch?

Answer yes u can plug ur ipod into itunes and then click update

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How can you break through an iPrism block on iPod touch?

Try opera mini on ipod touch, i jusy found out today! Because i just tried. It surprised me.

How can you break the code on your iPod Touch when you forgot the four digit password?

Unfortunately, the only way to overcome this is by doing a factory reset. This can be done by connecting your iPod Touch to your computer and opening iTunes. Find your iPod on the left hand side ... Read More »

How do you jail break the iPod Touch with iOS4 without the original update installer?

Is there a way to connect my Ipod touch to my dads iPhone 3g so i can get the internet on the ipod touch?

No there is not, iPod touches can not use 3G. Only wifi. Also you cant get a cable to connect them anyway.