Can you type school reports with an ipad2?

Answer alot, a i pad 2 is way better than a kindle fire.

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What type of reports can I make with Quicken 2007?

Quicken 2007's many financial categories include those for Banking, Investing, Taxes, Net Worth and Business, each with several reports. For example, the Banking category includes such reports as C... Read More »

How can the ipad2 help with school?

eBooks are cheaper than the printed versions and much lighter to carry, however iPad is also a distraction if you do not focus and use it only for school related tasks.

How to Type Microbiology Lab Reports MLA Style?

Your microbiology lab report needs to outline the lab that you completed in your lesson. It should list the lab questions, the steps and process that you followed during the lab, and the results th... Read More »

Can you type essays on the ipad2?

no you cant, u can only work with what you got