Can you turn right on an advanced green left turn while the other intersection has it I hope this makes sense?

Answer Do you mean the traffic directly across from you, or the traffic driving perpendicular to you?If it's the traffic directly across from you, then yeah you can, but it's rude if there are lots of car... Read More »

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How to make a left turn at at intersection Not an arrow green, just regular green?

In many jurisdictions it is illegal to enter an intersection unless you can proceed all the way through it. I take that to mean that you should not pull up into the intersection and then stop and ... Read More »

We all know right turn on red is legal, but is a red light left turn at a one-way intersection legal?

it depends on the state youre in. for the most part though, id go w/it being illegal (at least it is in va, md, and pa). i wouldnt take the chance of doing it if i were you.

If I'm making a left turn not at an intersection and a car hits my car am I automatically at fault?

Making a left turn does not automatically make one at fault, as there are different scenarios. In this case, however - you are definitely at fault. The other party had the right of way. They didn't... Read More »

Is it legal to make a left turn into the center left turn lane?