Can you turn off your refrigerator at night to save money?

Answer No. You won't save money. The food will get warm and spoil faster and the fridge will have to run longer to bring the temperature back down.

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Will it save lots of money if you turn the refrigerator off when you leave your apt for the winter?

Answer Yes, When you don't need to use your refrigerator for a long period of time, like through the winter it will definently save you money, cost wise on how much it will save you also depends on... Read More »

Should You Turn Off a Computer at Night to Save Energy?

There are three ways to change from HTML to normal in Microsoft Office Word 2007. The first way is to change the view of the page layout in Word from "Web Layout" to either "Print Layout" or "Draft... Read More »

Will you save money by turning off electricity at night?

Answer yes electricity costs money and you will save it

Is it pratical to turn off refridgerator during night time in order to save energy?

It's not hard on the compressor, the compressor normally cycles on and off many times a day. But if you turn it off in the evening, it warms up a little overnight, so when you turn it on in the mo... Read More »