Can you turn off the power to a refrigerator for 5 months?

Answer Answer You can turn off the power on a refrigerator as long as you prop the doors open so that air can circulate. If you do not open the doors your fridge will get a smell that you can never remove... Read More »

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What causes your refrigerator to run for a while and then trip the power circuit in the winter months mainly?

Answer Off the top of my head without any more information, I would say there is a space heater plugged in on the same circuit. Or possibly a microwave.

Should a refrigerator be unplugged if you are away for two or more months?

if there is any food in it dont unplug it unless u want to clean up the rotten food afterwards but if its empty it wil save u the energy

What is the proper way to store a refrigerator for 2 to 3 months?

Answer Empty, unplugged, clean and open. Make sure no kids can crawl into it and suffocate. You may want to take the doors off, that way you won't have mold build up and any danger to kids and p... Read More »

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