Can you turn in your Time Warner cable box to the store?

Answer Yes, just take it to any payment center.

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How to Set a Time Warner Cable Box to HD?

Time Warner Cable is a company that offers television programming to customers across the country. When you sign up with Time Warner, you get a cable box professionally installed in your home. This... Read More »

How do I get rid of Time Warner cable?

Call Time WarnerCall Time Warner at 866-855-5473 and follow the prompts. The operator asks you to push "1" if you have a Time Warner account. After pushing "1," you are asked to enter the telephone... Read More »

What's up with Time Warner Cable?

honestly I didn't read anything you wrote. I just seen cable and I am in the market for new cable...I am quite picky about my provider, they need to provide service, and they also need to employ a... Read More »

Time Warner cable getting rid of channels?

yeah I'm a little ticked off as's an article they just posted on the Yahoo front page:…Hope that helps!EDIT:Well, obviously since it is passed J... Read More »