Can you turn autofocus off in Canon T4i camera?

Answer The switch is on the lens marked AF/MF - shift it to MF

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What is autofocus on a Canon?

Like most modern cameras, Canons include autofocus. This computerized feature makes it easier to shoot sharp photos. Autofocus is available in point-and-shoot digital cameras and in single-lens ref... Read More »

How can you turn on Canon digital camera?

Press the "On" button? try pressing all the buttons you see and you might be lucky ;)

How to Troubleshoot Repairs for a Canon Autofocus Lens?

Next to the photographer, the lens on the front of your camera is arguably the most important component of your camera system. Before any image ever reaches the film plane or the digital sensor, i... Read More »

How come my Canon Powershot S95 camera won't turn on?

If your rechargeable battery is more than a couple years old, it's definitely done for. Fortunately generic NB-6L batteries are inexpensive. Here's one from Amazon (free shipping too). Show it t... Read More »