Can you turn a refrigerator upside down to fix it?

Answer On One Hand: Older RefrigeratorsBurping refrigerators decades ago helped the ammonia level off and go through the coils once again. Burping involved flipping a refrigerator upside down and leaving ... Read More »

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If you turn a TV upside down, will the picture turn upside down too?

yes.everything on and within the tv will then be upside down.

How to Turn Your Computer Screen Upside Down?

There may be some reason your computer screen needs to be turned upside down. Perhaps you are mounting your monitor on the ceiling for example. Or maybe you just want to confuse a co-worker with an... Read More »

Can anyone help my computer screen is upside down how do i turn it round?

Get some weed! =]have some few joints,put some Marley on,then watch the screen turn round by itself! =]Smoke Weed Everyday!

How do turn a pc screen right side up after someone turns it upside down and i already tried ctrl+alt+arrowup?

On my video card rotation isn't listed under properties, but under the video card control panel, not to be confused with the regular Windows control panel. Also, as Frankie pointed out, I have com... Read More »