Can you turn a computer into a server?

Answer A server is just a machine that shares data on a network. The main difference between workstations and servers is that the file systems and memory of servers are optimized to move files and data qu... Read More »

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How to Turn a Home Computer Into a Dial-Up Internet Server?

Microsoft Windows 7 includes a feature called Internet connect sharing that enables a single computer to operate as a server to share an Internet connection with other computers. If you have a sin... Read More »

Minecraft Tekkit Server Troubles- How do i turn the server off?

Can you put a BlackBerry Enterprise server and exhange server 2007 on the same computer?

Blackberry Enterprise Server and Microsoft Exchange Server are both programs designed for IT environments for making access to and transfer of information easier. Both may be installed on the same ... Read More »

How to Turn Off the Proxy Server Settings in IE?

When connecting to the Internet through a business or organizational network, users must typically do so through a proxy server. Proxy servers are intermediary servers that facilitate local, intern... Read More »