Can you turn PC on after applying thermal paste to CPU?

Answer If you did it the right way - yes you can turn it on.

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What do I do after applying thermal paste to GPU?

if your gpu is overheating its probably because you do not have good airflow or enough airflow in the case, if you are hacking on the gpu you need to put on an thin-thin almost see-through laver o... Read More »

Should I reapply thermal paste to my CPU and GPU?

that paste should last for ever, till u take the heat sink off for some reason, & the paste size of a gran of rice, have checked ur fans & vents, but if u haven't taken it off I would mess with it,... Read More »

Thermal paste question?

The TIM that Corsair applies to their coolers are actually very good so there's no need to reapply. Corsair also recommends that you install it so that it intakes air from outside the case and exh... Read More »

Can I make my own cpu thermal paste?

try using a penny... but it may not be safe