Can you trust the authenticity of anything you read on Wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia is essentially trustworthy for any information that you need. It is not a citation-worthy reference, but as a tool it is very good.

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Do you trust wikipedia?

Maybe some things, but that's the problem... you NEVER know unless you already know better. If you already knew better, you wouldn't be checking Wikipedia... so, what do you trust on there?You can... Read More »

Should i trust

It is true that Wikipedia provides false information. It is also true that it provides true information. It also provides true information but presented in such a way that is confusing to understan... Read More »

Is it okay to trust wikipedia?

NOT trustworthy at allI could go on and say I am a girl with 12 penises and they would post it

Would you trust wikipedia?

Use it only as a guide, it is NOT an accepted source for academic papers at many institutions. While the information is generally accurate, I'd suggest scrolling down to the bottom where they list ... Read More »